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What is MSAS?

The purpose of the Medical School Admissions Symposium is to give students with an interest in medicine insight into what medical schools are searching for in future medical students.


MSAS is recognized as the largest medical symposium in the state of Florida and awarded "Event of the Year" by the University of Central Florida for the 2010-2011 school year. Now, the UCF Medical School Admissions Symposium is back for its 16th straight year!

There will be breakout sessions from medical school admissions representatives as well as a tabling session for one-on-one opportunities, a distinguished keynote speaker.

A medical student Q&A panel as well as a distinguished keynote speaker are just two of the things here at the symposium that you will we give you glimpse into the medical school experience. From admission in to a university, to life as a medical student, and even what to expect when you finish medical school.

Previous MSAS Meetings/Workshops

MSAS Interest Meeting:
October 19th, 2022

MSAS Professionalism Workshop:
November 7th, 2022

MSAS Prep Workshop:
February 9th, 2023

This interest meeting was an introduction to the Medical School Admissions Symposium and explained what the event is all about. The meeting included instructions on how to register, when to register, what to expect, as well as some key tips about the event.

Click here for the powerpoint slides from the meeting!

This meeting explained the professionalism side of the event. It explained what to wear, how to present yourself, what questions to ask, and how to communicate with the medical school admissions officers, medical students, and faculty there. 

Click here for the powerpoint slides from the meeting!

At this meeting, we learned how to prepare ourselves for MSAS. The meeting gave a list of all medical schools that will be in attendance, explained how to present yourself, and give an elevator pitch. Tips on how to prepare questions and look up info on MSAR were also included.

Click here for the powerpoint slides from the meeting!

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