Honors Member Tiers

Honor points will be calculated at the end of the semester based on the points that were available that semester.


Required for Directors


Legacy Shirt


Legacy Shirt + Hat


   35% of the points avaiable


 65% of the points available


85% of the points


More dedication deserves more recognition. Along with the previous requirements to become an Honor's Member, there are different tiers for your hard work.

How to Earn Points

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 9.24.57 PM.png

Once a PPMS member attends two (2) PSI events, two (2) volunteering events, two (2) social events, and two (2) fundraising events, and earns at least 35% of the overall honors points, they will become a PPMS Honor's Member.   

Awards for this are handed out at the End of the Year Banquet, with the Top Honor's Member receiving a free MCAT/DAT/PCAT/GRE etc. prep course from Kaplan or The Princeton Review worth up to $2,500. Through the sign-in sheets at every event, the points will be tallied by the secretary. The benefit to earning points is an opportunity for a free course, but also for the appearance of dedication and effort on resumes. The more effort an applicant shows, whether it's through volunteering or club involvement, the better success the applicant has at acceptance into the school of their dreams.