PPMS Meeting Minutes

Here, you can find our slides from previous general body meetings and catch up on what you may have missed. 

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General Body Meeting

Our first general body meeting went over introductory information about our club and how to join. Directorship and Recruitment Officer applications were opened. A special presentation from one of our sponsors, The Princeton Review, was shared with the club.


General Body Meeting

Our second general body meeting reviewed our quick notes about the club as well as how to join and apply for directorships. A special MCAT course presentation was given by Dr. Gavin Putzer, MD, PhD, MPH; another sponsor, Kaplan, debunked the 6 myths of applying to medical schools. 

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General Body Meeting

At our third general body meeting, we announced our new Recruitment Officer as well as our Directors for the year. We announced new events for the semester. We also had a wonderful guest speaker, Dr. Balasubramanian, MD from CFP Physicians Group speak to us about her career in Family Medicine. 


General Body Meeting

Our fourth general body meeting quickly reviewed basic club notes and announced upcoming events and plans. The opening for Recruitment Officer Directorships was announced. An informative presentation on St. George's University School of Medicine was given by the Director of Admissions, Jeffrey Bates. 

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General Body Meeting

At our fifth general body meeting, we announced our new Recruitment Officer Directors. We announced new events for the semester, including our CPR class and UCF COM tour coming up. We also had a wonderful guest speaker, Steven Kuhn, HM1, (FMF), USN, from the U.S. Navy to speak to us about the HPSP scholarship program available to aspiring medical and dental students. 


General Body Meeting

Our last general body meeting for the fall semester quickly reviewed our final events coming up for the end of the semester. We announced the rescheduled date and time for our CPR course, as well as handed out graduation cords to qualifying PPMS members graduating this semester. An informative presentation on the UCF President's Leadership Council was given by current PLC members, Sydney Martinez and Florian Alushi. 

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