Our 2021-2022 

About Quinn

Quinn is an amazingly funny, thoughtful, energetic 5-year-old;  he is also a son, brother, nephew, and grandson; he's a kid who is certain to put a smile on your face and a hug around your neck, and his life has drastically changed in what feels like an instant.



On Saturday (10/9), he was taken to an urgent care clinic with complaints of leg and stomach pains, in addition to a fever. 2 days later, he was officially diagnosed with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia).  This is a fast-growing, aggressive form of Leukemia.  To give you an idea of the serious nature of this form of cancer, Quinn's chemo treatments started the very next day after his diagnosis



PPMS's mission is to raise as much money toward the end of the year for Quinns's family to help ease the burden of financial stress that accompanies treatment. Please join the family and help us in our mission to help Quinn!